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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Trainee responsibilities

 The trainee registers for training according to the trainee registration instructions specified by the site.

The trainee is responsible for ensuring that the computer used and the Internet are compatible with the requirements of the training provided via the Internet, which are specified by the site.

During the presentation of the lesson via the Internet, communication is between the trainee and the trainer or with the rest of the trainees who follow the lesson through the website only.

The trainee must follow the general rules of respect and the rules of the course and not to distract the flow of the course.

 The course fees must be paid upon course registration as one payment.

Refund Policy

 If the trainee withdraws from the course 48 hours before the start date of the course, and 10% will be deducted.

in the event that the trainer did not appear for three consecutive lectures and did not Notify students or compensate lectures.

Course announced content does not match the actual content during the course

In the event of moral abuse, the trainee has the right to file a complaint against the trainer and an investigation will be conducted by a 3abkari team, Violation report must be reported to 3abkari team no longer than 12 hours after the violation.

Teacher’s responsibilities

 The teacher who wants to provide lessons online using the site registers according to the teacher registration instructions shown on the site.

 The teacher registers a free introduction for a period Not less than 1 minute in which he states his teaching experiences and provides a summary of the lesson(s) he presents through the site to enable new trainees to view the content of the teaching material before registering

 The teacher determines the course duration, Price, Maximum number of students, requirements and all related course details.

 The teacher is responsible for the correctness of the data that he publishes on the site, and he is responsible for compensating trainees for any damages that may result from any incorrect or incomplete data.

 The platform has the right to refer to and verify any course data in the event of a complaint against the coach or a complaint about the content.

The platform is not entitled to use the data of the trainer or the course without the official permission of the owner of the course or those in charge of it.

 The teacher bears the professional responsibility for the teaching content provided, the means to be used in presenting the teaching material, and the extent to which the lesson(s) provided match the introductory material provided on the topic of the lesson.

 The trainer undertakes to compensate the trainees for any damages resulting from the non-conformity of the submitted material with the pre-introductory material or the trainees’ dissatisfaction with the presented lesson, as decided by the site.

The platform is committed to paying the trainer’s dues from the course fees that are completed through the platform, one week after the end of the course, as a maximum, if no complains were registered.

 The platform commission is deducted from the value of the registration fee and the rest of the amount is transferred to the trainer.

 Training tariff Payment methods available on the platform, so that payment is made no less than 3 hours before the scheduled date of the lesson.

The site checks for complaints about the lessons provided received During the period prescribed for submitting the complaint, and the site determines the necessary procedure to address the complaint by compensating part or all of the amounts paid for the presented lesson and as determined by the site, Including the transfer fees that the bank collects, and the trainee does not recover the paid amount if the cancellation is made less than 48 hours before the scheduled lesson date in the event that the instructor cancels the scheduled lesson.

The sums collected for all the trainees registered for the canceled lesson have been returned, with deduction of the transfer commission, which is borne by the trainer or the party responsible for the canceled course.

All cancellation requests, whether to trainers or trainees, are submitted via the e-mail indicated when the trainer/trainee is registered.

The sums collected from the trainees are transferred after deducting the platform percentage within 30 days if the course ends in less than a month, or after the end of the course if the course period exceeds a month from the start date of the course according to the date set by the platform


Privacy Policy

1.     The Information We Collect

We collect information about you through providing our Services. The types of information we collect depends on the Services and the features you use on the Services. Please note that we need certain types of information to provide the Services to you. If you do not provide us with such information, or if you ask us to delete that information, you may no longer be able to access or use certain Services.

a.     Information You Provide Directly to Us

We may collect information that you provide directly to us through:

  • Your use of our Services, e.g. when you register for an account or use the tutoring services we offer;
  • Your participation in surveys or when you fill out our forms;
  • Your request for information about our Services, such as when inquiring about our tutoring services;
  • Your purchase or use of our Services, such as when you engage with a tutor or student on our Services; 
  • Your subscription to newsletters;
  • Your registration for contests or promotions;
  • Your requests for support and/or technical assistance;
  • Your transmission of user content or other information to us; and
  • Any other communications you have with us.

The information you provide directly to us may concern you or others and may include, but is not limited to: 

  • Account Registration and Contact Information: We may collect information from you when you sign up for an account with us. That information may include, among other things, your name, a username, email address, profile picture, display name, password, date of birth, address, gender, and other information you provide.
  • Payment and Financial Information: We or our service providers may collect payment information from you, such as payment card number, expiration date, billing address, and payment account name. 
  • Demographic Information: We may collect your demographic information such as your country of residence, time zone, and language(s) spoken.
  • Audio/Video Tutoring Session Data: When you use our Services to engage with a tutor or student, we retain recordings of the video and chat sessions. We may use such recordings for our internal business purposes, including without limitation for purposes of tutor evaluation, tutor training, dispute resolution, and improving our Services.  Tutors may also create a tutor profile video.
  • Other Content and Other Information You Provide to Us: We collect additional content and information that you voluntarily provide us, such as content you submit when you, respond to surveys, use the classroom whiteboard, contact us via the Services or by e-mail. 

You are not required to provide us with such information, but certain features of the Services may not be accessible or available, absent the provision of the requested information.

b.     Information from Affiliates and Non-Affiliated Third Parties

We may collect information about you or others through our affiliates or through non-affiliated third parties. For example, 3abkari tutors may take notes on your conversations, based on information provided during tutoring sessions. We may combine information that we collect from you through the Services with information that we obtain from such third parties, such as if you sign in with a third party service or social media networks, and information derived from other products or services we provide.

c.      Information We Collect Automatically

Device/Usage Information. We and our third-party service providers, which include ad networks and analytics companies such as Google Analytics, may use cookies, web beacons, and other tracking technologies to collect information about the computers or devices (including mobile devices) you use to access the Services. As described further below, we may collect and analyze information including but not limited to (a) browser type; (b) ISP or operating system; (c) domain name; (d) access time; (e) referring or exit pages; (f) page views; (g) IP address; (h) unique device identifiers (e.g. IDFA or Android ID); and (i) the type of device that you use. We may also track when and how frequently you access or use the Services, including how you engage with or navigate our website or mobile application. We use this information (including the information collected by our third-party service providers) for analytics (including to determine which portions of the Services are used most frequently and what our users like/do not like), to assist in determining relevant advertising (both on and off the Services), to evaluate the success of our advertising campaigns, and as otherwise described in this Privacy Policy.